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Our Story

Morning Mojo was created when we found ourselves searching for healthy convenient options for obtaining all our nutritional goodness whilst being time poor. No time to research, prepare, buy, measure out and then blend everything all whilst trying to get away to work, children to school, off to that yoga class or just to have a nutritious smoothie. There had to be an easier more efficient way to get that daily dose of wholefood, superfood goodness. Morning Mojo makes it easy for everyone to share that passion for clean eating. We all know from first-hand experience that when life’s super busy, superfoods give you the energy to enjoy it all. Morning Mojo delivers a variety of delicious, whole food, ready to blend smoothies packed full of Superfood goodness.

Bringing frozen back

Our motto is to create great smoothies and to deliver them right to your door – still as fresh as the day the ingredients were harvested. All fruits, vegetables, powders and any other ingredients are all frozen and portioned individually so you can enjoy unprocessed raw superfoods, hassle free.

Why Smoothies?

Fruit and veggies are packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, most of them stored in or near the skin. When you throw away the pulp by juicing, you throw away much of that goodness. Smoothies are so decadently thick because they are made with the whole produce, not just the juice. Being full of flavour and fibre, smoothies keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Nutritious & Delicious

Our blends have been created by Cat Cannizzaro, a chef specialising in raw food and nutritionally analysed by Julie Meeks, an accredited nutritionist and dietician.

The dynamic duo of Cat Cannizzaro and Julie Meeks ensure Morning Mojo smoothies are nutritious and delicious.

Cat is Australia’s leading raw food gourmet chef, having worked with and learnt from a 3- Michelin-Star chef. Her recipes focus on simple, seasonal, and where possible, organic ingredients. Cat heads the cooking team for health retreats in the Margaret River region, Ubud and Spain; writes recipes for celebrity chefs and national magazines.

Julie is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected dieticians, having worked with athletes at the Fremantle Dockers, Perth Wildcats and WA Institute of Sport. By teaming with Morning Mojo, she wants to help as many people as possible to achieve personal success through eating well.