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Where It All Began

The reason why we started Morning Mojo

It was about 9 years ago and my Father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. It was a massive blow to my whole family and we were told to prepare for the worst. He had a Tumour that was the size of a deflated football and it was wrapped around his pulmonary artery! They did not think that surgery would be successful and there was a high probability we would lose him during the procedure. He had surgery to remove the Tumour and then went on to have chemotherapy and radiation, both of which really knocked him about and were also almost fatal for him.


It was during this time that he had no appetite, was losing weight rapidly and the only option offered to him to assist with his nutrition and to help increase his magnesium and potassium levels was a box drink with a straw!!! This was to assist him to get some nutrition and calories into his ailing body. It was at this point that my husband and I started looking at options to give Dad other than the box drink! His taste buds had pretty much gone and he had no craving for any type of food, so we set about making him some juices so that he could swallow them easily and also, he was getting some natural sugars and wholesome foods into his system. He enjoyed these but we felt he still needed something else as his immune system was incredibly fragile, his digestive system was not functioning properly either. It was then that we decided smoothies were the answer!


We could blend up the whole fruit and vegetable and add some superfood supplements to help with his low magnesium and potassium levels. Fruit and vegetables blended in the smoothies would give him the much needed immune support from  phytochemicals, which includes vital antioxidants and Vitamins A,B, C and E and also Iron The fibre content from the whole fruit and vegetables would enable his digestive system to start functioning again and aide in grabbing hold of some toxins in his body and eliminate them as well, without having to use to much energy to obtain the nutrients, which therefore allowed for the quicker calorie intake and easy digestion. He needed the nourishment during the treatment as well as the recovery process afterwards. Smoothies were a way to build the key nutrients into his diet. We were blending and sampling smoothies to see the ones he enjoyed.


We then stopped and took a step back…We asked ourselves WHY??? Why were we giving these to dad and he was unwell, and WHY were we not having them ourselves and we were healthy??

Chantal with her Mum and Dad. 


From that day on we have been having our daily smoothies, loaded with greens, superfoods and an array of fruits and vegetables to maintain optimal nutrition and health. So, the days we don’t get enough greens in our diet we know we can have a smoothie and we’ve had got it covered.


Fast forward to 12 months ago and my father in law had to have a triple Bypass and can you guess what the option was for him to drink to get those calories into him…The great news is that both of our fathers are still here to enjoy every day with their families, and we are forever thankful for that.


You may even have your smoothies delivered to your door by my father as he now loves to help out with the bi-weekly deliveries too! Dad has always been a fighter and we love having him as part of the Morning Mojo Movement xx

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