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What Blender Should I Use for Smoothies

What blender is best

It’s often a question we are repeatedly asked as to “what blender do we use?” to make up our Morning Mojo smoothies each day. A high-Speed blender is the perfect utensil for your kitchen and unfortunately the cheaper versions are going to cost you more in the long run. Most lower end price point blenders have smaller motors and they just aren’t up to the task of blending frozen smoothies to the consistency and texture you want. They leave the texture quite grainy, and often when using on a daily basis the motors burn out far quicker and replacement blenders are needed to be purchased.

If you want your smoothies deliciously decadent and smooth in minutes then a high-speed blender is the way to go. The following high-speed blenders to give you a choice between cost and model variation and warranties.

Nutri Bullet 900W

The Nutri Bullet 900W can be used on a daily basis, with several smoothies over a day made with it. It blends the frozen smoothie in a matter of minutes and is a nice creamy consistent blend. The motor is relatively quiet and the use of the blender very easy. It comes with a 700ml Tall cup. Simply rip tip and add your liquid base and screw on the lid. Flip it over and add to the base, twist it and blend away. The clean-up is easy and not much mess made, with a wash under some warm soapy water and you’re done! Priced at around $120, sometimes cheaper when on sale, it’s a great machine to use daily and easy to store. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Sunbeam Café Series

The Sunbeam Café Series has a 2000W motor and is designed to blend frozen and hard foods. It has 5 different settings with one specifically marked “smoothie” to ensure maximum performance and perfect consistency every time. It has a 2 litre jug capacity so is able to blend more than one smoothie at once. Clean up also not too difficult as it has a detachable blade system for rinsing. Priced around the $249 and stores upright in the cupboard, taking up a small area of space. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

The Vitamix S30 Personal Blender comes with a 600ml container and a 1.2L container. You can also blend and then swap the lids and take it with you on the go as a travel cup and flip top lid. The Vitamix offers a powerful high-performance technology with the ease and convenience of a personal blender. Achieve the perfect blend from the variable speed settings to ensure your smoothie is silky smooth. There is also a Pulse button feature. It’s easy to clean with no disassembly required and stores upright in the cupboard or leave on the bench as kitchen feature. Priced considerably higher at approx. $695, however it does blend more than smoothies and has a 7-year warranty. It has also been a Choice Magazine recommended blender.


So, from the 3 High Speed Blenders there are 3 different price points. All depends on your smoothie consumption, machine usage and machine flexibility. The Nutribullet is always popular due to its size and manoeuvrability to be able to take with you, however you do have some restrictions with the size of the cup and the amount you can blend, as well as restricted for other uses. The Vitamix covers all your bases with flexibility of the different cup sizes and also the ability to be able to blend other items, and has a substantial warranty to cover your years of Smoothie blending.

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