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Amy Zempilas reviews Morning Mojo

Absolute Amy :Wife, Mother and Blogger

The Morning Mojo Team asked Amy Zempilas -the gorgeous mother of Two (soon to be three) children to taste and enjoy our amazing new smoothies. Here is what she had to say!!


I’ve been starting my day with a super healthy smoothie for the last few years and LOVE them.

Not only do I have so much more energy, they give me a huge nutritional head start on the day and are fantastic when I need to be more mindful of what I’m eating or want to drop a few kilos (pre pregnancy of course!).

Whenever friends tell me they are experiencing low energy, are crazy busy, feeling run down or are struggling with eating well – I always suggest smoothies.

They are such a quick and easy way to pack a whole heap of goodness into your body – and Morning Mojo make it even easier!

There are 9 Morning Mojo superfood blends to choose from – and each pack has everything you need for a delicious smoothie, all you have to do is add your favourite liquid – water / coconut water / soy milk / almond milk or cows milk – blend and go!

It takes less than two minutes to create your own wholefood and superfood smoothie.

I love that Morning Mojo superfood blends have been carefully developed by leading raw food gourmet chef Cat Cannizzaro and Julie Meeks, one of Australia’s most experienced and respected dietitians – so you know that these superfood smoothies are going to be delicious and super healthy for you.

Healthy, whole food goodness with the additional benefit of super foods with zero wastage of fruit and veggies – all packaged up and ready to go.

If you have always wanted to give healthy whole food and super food smoothies a go, but haven’t had the time or inclination to make them – Morning Mojo is the perfect way to boost your nutritional intake and help you feeling your very best every day.

All delivered to your door!

Head to the Morning Mojo website to find out more.

Too easy! Plus Morning Mojo deliver the frozen smoothie packs right to your door.

A x x x x

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